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The Novels

1974 Carrie

1975 Salem's Lot

1977 The Shining

1978 The Stand

1979 The Dead Zone (Dodelijk Dilemma)

1980 Firestarter

1981 Cujo (Uitg. Veen)

1983 Christine

1983 Pet Sematary

1984 The Talisman (w Peter Straub)

1986 It (Het)

1987 The eyes of the dragon

1987 Misery

1987 Tommyknockers

1989 The Dark Half (De duistere kant)

1990 The Stand : The complete and uncut edition

1991 Needful things (De NoodZaak)

1992 Gerald's game

1992 Dolores Claiborne

1994 Insomnia

1995 Rose Madder (Rosie)

1996 Desperation

1998 Bag of bones (Vel over been)

1999 The girl who loved Tom Gordon

1999 Hearts in Atlantis (Harten in Atlantis)

2000 The Green Mile

2001 Dreamcatcher (Dromenvanger)

2001 Black House (Zwart Huis) (w Peter Straub)

2002 From a Buick 8


The Dark Tower


1982 The Dark Tower I : The Gunslinger (De scherpschutter)

1987 The Dark Tower II : The drawing of the three (Het teken van drie)

1991 The Dark Tower III : The waste lands (Het verloren rijk)

1997 The Dark Tower IV : Wizard & Glass (Tovenaarsglas)

2003 The Dark Tower V : Wolves of the Calla

2004 The Dark Tower VI : Song of Suzannah

2004 The Dark Tower VII : The Dark Tower (coming)

Other Books

1978 Night shift (De laatste laddersport)

1980 Danse Macabre (non-fiction work on horror in the media)

1982 Creepshow (comic book, adaptation of the screenplay)

1982 Different Seasons (4 short novels)

1983,1984,... The Plant (published in ltd. editions, self published, ongoing work)

1984,1985 Cycle of the werewolf (first illustrated, later as a trade paperback)

1985 Skeleton Crew (short stories)

1988,1989 My pretty pony (illustrated, later in paperback)

1989 Dolan's Cadillac (short story)

1990 Four past midnight (short novels) (Schemerwereld : De man met het litteken & Spookfoto's

1993 Nightmares & Dreamscapes (short stories)

1996 The Green mile (first separate, later as a novel)

1997 Six stories (short stories)

1999 Storm of the century (pocket books)

2002 Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales

As Richard Bachman

1977 Rage

1979 The long walk

1981 Roadwork

1982 The running man

1984 Thinner

1996 The regulators


About him and/or his writings


1983,1984 Fear itself

1984 Stephen King: The art of darkness

1986 Kingdom of fear

1991 The shape under the sheet, the complete Stephen King Encyclopedia

1992 Stephen King, the second decade, Danse Macabre to the Dark Half




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