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Datum : 09/12/2002

Eindbestemming : Galapagos

Activiteiten : Cruise Ambasador I - Cerro Brujo & Isla San Cristobal - Isla Espanola   

Accomodatie : Kajuit Ambasador I

06:30 We worden gewekt met muziek

07:00 Buffet Breakfast

08:00 Disembarking by groups for Cerro Brujo

Wet landing

Recommendations : Sandals, Insect repellent, beach towels, snorkeling gear & sun block

Snorkeling gear costs 5$ for 3 days.


bulletChatham Mocking Bird
bulletYellow Warbeler
bulletLava Lizards
bulletShore Birds
bulletSea Lions


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10:30 Back on board

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11:30 Passing 'Kicker Rock'

12:30 Buffet Lunch

13:30 Video concerning Galapagos in main bar.

16:00 Disembarking by groups for Punta Suarez

Dry landing

Recommendations : Hiking shoes, sun block & extra film for camera


bulletMasked boobies
bulletBlue footed boobies
bulletTropic bird (Paradijsvogel)
bulletSea lions
bulletHigh viewpoint
bulletMarine Iguanas

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18:30 Back on board & cocktail of the day at the swimming pool

19:40 Briefing on Tuesday's visit to Santa Cruz Island

am. Darwin station pm. Dragon Hill

20:15 Diner

bulletChef's Salad
bulletSpinach Cream or Chicken consommé
bulletGrilled trout with provencale sauce or entrecote with onions
bulletProfiteroles or tropical fruit compote

21:00 Live Music at the main bar

Weer geen LIVE MUSIC !

Cocktail in the main bar

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